Waimea Canyon Middle School

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Trial Dress Code for 4th Quarter

Revised 3/10/22


MTC: Make the Change

Designed by Mailani Rose Yasay, Tyler Valencia, and Camille Miguel


The purpose of the WCMS dress code is to ensure that all students are ready to learn as soon as they arrive on campus until departure from campus. Therefore, student attire should not impede learning. This is a non-gender-specific dress code.


Dress Code

Students will wear WCMS t-shirts Monday through Friday. Shirts may be purchased online at pauhanatskauai.com. School consequences apply if the dress code policy is not followed by the student.


School Shirts

  • WCMS uniform shirts are to be worn Monday-Friday, from the time students step foot on campus till the time he/she leaves the school campus. Holidays, waiver days, spirit week, team days or field trips do not affect this rule.
  • WCMS shirts will be kept unmarked (no graffiti) and unaltered.
  • School shirts will be worn properly and not around the neck or tied in a knot in front/side/back of the body, hanging off shoulder or under another short or long sleeve shirt.
  • Students wearing jackets, sweaters, sweat shirts, must wear the school shirt underneath and must show proof of wearing the WCMS school t-shirt when questioned by staff or teachers. WCMS t-shirts must be worn over long sleeve t-shirts.


Other Clothing

Shorts, pants, skirts, and skorts must cover the buttocks and underwear. Unacceptable bottoms include baggy oversized pants/shorts that don’t fit your waist, ripped jeans/pants where the holes/rips reveal underwear or inappropriate places, or pants/shorts that are see-through. 


The following are not allowed on campus:  jacket hoods worn over the head (indoors), haltertops, overalls/coveralls without a shirt, tank tops with large armholes, extremely oversized pants or shorts that fall below the waist, and t-shirts, pants, backpacks, bags, stickers, notebooks, and jewelry that depict nude figures, bikini girls, sexual messages, profanity, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or gang messages. Sunglasses, hats or visors are not to be worn indoors. 


Footwear must be worn at all times while on campus for safety measures. This includes shoes, sandals, or similar footwear. 


Any clothing, footwear or accessory that becomes a distraction or disruption of learning is unacceptable and should not be worn in school.


Students out of uniform will need to change into a uniform. If a change of clothes cannot be immediately brought to campus, a school owned t-shirt or pair of shorts will be loaned to the student. All loaned clothing must be returned to the school at the end of the day. Consequences, including replacement costs for unreturned clothing items, for violation of the dress code will be enforced.