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JAN 11: WAIVER DAY, NO SCHOOL.            JAN 12: BLUE TEAM A DAY.            JAN 13: BLUE TEAM B DAY.            JAN 14: WHITE TEAM A DAY.           JAN 15: WHITE TEAM B DAY.            JAN 18: MARTIN LUTHER KING HOLIDAY, NO SCHOOL


For information on enrollment and registration, please contact our registrar, Penny Shimomura, at 338-6830 ext. 101. You can also email her here.
Who can enroll and/or withdraw a student?
  • Parents
  • Parents with custody rights
  • Legal guardians - requires court documents
  • Adult with power of attorney - requires legal document
  • Caregivers - requires notarized affidavit
  • Foster children - Department of Human Services social worker or surrogate parent
New student enrollment using Online Registration (OLR) for SY 20-21
In addition to in-person enrollment, new students may be enrolled online
  • New students are defined as students who were not enrolled in HIDOE this past school year 2019-2020
  • OLR is not for withdrawals, transfers, and continuing students.
  • Homeless/MV families need to contact a homeless concern liaison to begin the enrollment process.
What documents are needed to register?
  • Release form from previous school
  • Health requirements:  TB clearance within one year, all required immunizations, and a physical examination                      
     If your child requires emergency rescue medications or other daily/routine medications, please fill out this form and  
     bring to school.
  • Birth certificate (foreign students - passport and/or visa)   
  • Guardianship or custody papers IF parents/guardians are not listed on birth certificate
  • Proof of residence in the Waimea Canyon Middle School district  (e.g. rental/lease agreement, current utility bill with correct name and physical address)
What are the student fees?
Mandatory Student Fees:  Student government fee - $10 + Class dues - $5 =  Total $15
  • Optional (may be purchased at any time) : Yearbook - $25
                                                                          Kauai Interscholastic Activity Book - $15
How do I order uniforms?
School uniforms need to be ordered directly at Pau Hana Ts
Important Information for Geographic Exception students:
a. If a student lives outside the geographic area for attending Waimea Canyon Middle School and they want to attend WCMS,  parents must fill out a GE form between Jan. 1 and March 1, 2019 for school year 2020-2021.
   Link to the form: Geographic Exception Request Form
   A proof of residence document must also be submitted with the GE application.

b. If a student lives outside the geographic area for attending WCMS and has already been been granted GE status, that status remains in effect until the student changes to another school (e.g. goes to high school).